raveling to Thessaloniki is simple and worth the trip whether it is by car, train, or plane.

By Air:

The airport of Thessaloniki is located 16km east of the city center, in the region of Thermi. It receives domestic flights from Athens many times per day, while it also receives flights from other Greek airports all year round, such as Heraklion Crete, Chios, Rhodes and more. The flight time from Athens to Thessaloniki is approximately 1 hour. The airport of Thessaloniki operates charters, international flights and low-cost flights as well.

By Car:

Thessaloniki is located 500 km north of Athens. The modern National Highway Athens-Thessaloniki and the Egnatia Odos that crosses all northern Greece makes it easy to drive to Thessaloniki. It takes about 5 hours to drive from Athens to Thessaloniki and three hours from Igoumenitsa to Thessaloniki.

By Bus:

There are frequent daily buses (known as “KTEL”) from Athens to Thessaloniki. They depart from Kifissos KTEL Station in Athens and arrive in Macedonia KTEL Station in Thessaloniki. There are also buses to Thessaloniki from almost all large towns in Greece.

Tel.: +30 2310 595400

By Train:

There are frequent trains from Athens to Thessaloniki. These trains depart from Larissis Train Station in Athens and they can be regular or express. There are trains from Thessaloniki to other towns in Greece and trains to Thessaloniki from many Balkan countries. You can look for schedules and book train tickets, through the online system of the Greek Train Organization: TrainOse.

Tel.: 2310598113

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